Our Vision

The Children’s Sisters vision is to alleviate hunger and promote education in a sustainable manner in poverty-stricken areas in South Africa

“Nutritious meals, made available to our children.”

The Children’s Sister is registered as a Non-profit organisation (NPO) with a NPO number of 210-687 The Children’s Sister has applied to be registered as a Public Benefit Organisation under Section 18A (1)(a) with the following Public Benefit Activities (PBA’s): • Food • Education Status is pending
Yuvelia Pather


We provide a well-balanced breakfast that contains all the necessary nutrients, minerals and energy to improve a child’s concentration and memory in school.

Variety of Meals Served

  • Oats
  • Instant porridges
  • Sandwiches
  • (Peanut butter and Jam)

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“Right to access sufficient food and water”

How can You help?

Every R2 kindly donated to The Children’s Sister provides a child a nutritious breakfast and the chance to excel at school. Please help us to feed more hungry children.

Currently operating in Johannesburg